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  • XS Sight Systems
  • XS Sight Systems
  • XS Sight Systems
    Repost from @dreese824 using @RepostRegramApp - The only sights to run.
    Dry fire with my heart rate above 110 beats... Picked up the DOT easy. The Fetts would run them. So should you!

  • XS Sight Systems
  • XS Sight Systems
    https://instagram.com/p/BC8E_zoMg-m/ /> Repost from @madeucearms_llc using @RepostRegramApp - 🐥🐥 OPERATOR LEVEL MOTHER F-ING SNAKE-EATER ACHIEVED!! 🐥🐥 Yes that is my bathtub and those are flowers.
    Glock 19 With Xcaliber Genesis 45 silencer,...  more
  • XS Sight Systems
  • XS Sight Systems
  • XS Sight Systems
    XS Big Dot Express, tritium front with white stripe rear express sights for AK-47 models available www.xssights.com


    Repost from @ak47buyersguide using @RepostRegramApp - Do you run @XsSights on your #Kalashnikov...  more
  • XS Sight Systems
    Repost from @mostlyguns using @RepostRegramApp - Just got a new @lone_wolf_distributors #glock frame, ran 100 rds of @minuteman_munitions flawless!! #lonewolfdistributors #timberwolfframe #lonewolfframe #glock19gen3 #9mm #glock #g19 #xsbigdot #wisemen #mostlyguns
  • XS Sight Systems
    https://instagram.com/p/BC3LG1Xsg7V/ #Marlin #XSSights #Badgerclawleather #Hornady

    Repost from @sas_logging using @RepostRegramApp - Enjoyed shooting my new 336BL today! Also really like my @badger_claw_leather cartridge carrier. I'm a perfectionist...  more
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    • Stephanie Pastusek
      monchkin jw nice!!
      • · March 12, 2016
  • XS Sight Systems
    https://instagram.com/p/BC3Anh3Mg-g/ Repost from @chase_n_guns using @RepostRegramApp - Beautiful sight

    @glockinc 19 x2
    @henning_group mag extension ----------------------------------
    #glock #glock19 #glockporn #kawasaki #gunspictures #gunporn...  more
  • XS Sight Systems

    Thanks Kat!!! Repost from @almightykatamus using @RepostRegramApp - When really cool stuff ends up on my desk... @voodooinnovations Slayer (G17 slide assembly) with @vortexoptics Venom, @xssights tritium, and...  more
  • XS Sight Systems
    @thatmrorangetho #2A #Merica #gunsdaily #weaponsdaily #MOLONLABE #USA #AmericanMade

    Repost from @thatmrorangetho using @RepostRegramApp - Why? Because wrong house, motherf***er.

    @magpul furniture & AR...  more
  • XS Sight Systems
    The 2016 Lights, Sights, Lasers US LE/MIL Training Tour is kicking off in March! In the first month alone we hit South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas and Montana. This one-day (8 hour) course is led by Wes Doss of Khyber Interactive Associates and is free...  more
  • XS Sight Systems
    NEW!! DoubleStar Corp. has released their PhD 1911 (Personal home Defense) series that ALL feature XS Sight Systems tritium front and express rear sight. http://www.theoutdoorwire.com/story/1456076185m4vavt7jna2 and visit https://star15.com/phd.html